Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

We provide clients with counseling and transactional assistance in the following areas of intellectual property law:

Trademark Registration and Counseling

Trademarks play an instrumental role in defining how the public perceives a company's goods and services. A strong trademark, and its underlying goodwill, can be the most valuable asset to a business. This is why proper adoption, registration, and maintenance of a mark is so important. Missteps can lead to unnecessary delay, costly litigation, or even the loss of a trademark altogether. Careful planning and research is key. We develop effective strategies to help our clients choose strong marks, properly file applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and take the measures necessary to protect and maintain existing trademarks.

We provide searches, clearance, registration, and counseling services in all areas of trademark law.

Copyright Registration and Counseling

Copyrights protect the expression of ideas, and cover/include a broad range of subject matter/materials, including sound recordings and musical works, motion pictures, literary works, visual art, dramatic works, architectural works, and computer software.

We help clients evaluate and understand their rights, strengthen their rights and remedies through copyright registration, and develop strategies to help monetize these rights through licensing opportunities and transfer of ownership transactions.